Under The Moon

firefly’s lonely dance
under a sulking moon;
pity, she felt,
kicked off her shoes
and surrendered to beauty;
night’s pulsating rhythm
guiding her steps.

no longer alone.

photo credits: hotnewshome.com

Desiring Only Sleep

hard on your heels,
pressing breath upon your neck.
illuminated digits
make no sense –
but spread urgency
the more you stare,
the more it will deny
its presence.

another sleepless night…
wheels turning,
craving the obvious.

“Dear” Nightmare,

you were never invited.
how dare you enter here? have you ever heard of trespassing?!?!

we encountered last night… and although i tried really hard to shake you off, you clung to me all day. don’t you have anywhere else to be?!
you’re annoying as hell.

consider this your first and last warning.
if you ever show your ugly face again, i will not be as nice as i am now.
i will get the broom.
and shove the handle up your *beep*.

stay away. i will not say it again.

“best wishes”,
the annoyed

May we just… be?

come sit with me
for a while ~
join me
on my tree swing
and listen
to the song of dusk.

come sit with me
for a while ~
watch sky’s colors change,
slowly going dark.

come sit with me
for a while ~
and soothe my thoughts
with your mellow tongue
that i may
find peace and comfort
beneath the stars.

come sit with me
for a while ~
until the night settles in,
my head hits your shoulder –
and i sleep
a dreamless sleep
cradled and safe
beneath the old willow –
with you by my side.


alone at night
masks are off
and the soul
lies in the corner of the dank room
like a page of
crumpled paper
tossed out of sight
creeps up the walls
painting faces
and horrifying

is it dawn yet?
so i can
my soul
wash off the filth
and move on?