Bad Dreams

bright, colored spots
cloud my vision;
knife, twisting in my jaw –
a shadow of the chainsaw
wrecking my brain at night.
neck, stiff and sore;
ibuprofen, my best friend
although you sneak up on me
and stab me in the back,
i will not let you
claw your way back in.

“Dear” Nightmare,

you were never invited.
how dare you enter here? have you ever heard of trespassing?!?!

we encountered last night… and although i tried really hard to shake you off, you clung to me all day. don’t you have anywhere else to be?!
you’re annoying as hell.

consider this your first and last warning.
if you ever show your ugly face again, i will not be as nice as i am now.
i will get the broom.
and shove the handle up your *beep*.

stay away. i will not say it again.

“best wishes”,
the annoyed



the clown clung to the beast,
shared its meals; raw and bloody,
cackling madly through red-smeared lips,
while the beast indulged in
the clown’s bone-cracking humor.

if they lived
happily ever after,
i do not know.

i averted my eyes ~
clowns and beasts,
after all,
are scary.