Out Of The Blue

there is a dream, woven
into the pillars of Atlantis;
seaweed whispers, tangled
in flowing mermaid’s hair
& I
become liquid myth,
mingling; drinking
c(h)orals of (the) Deep Blue (Sea) ~

i take a vow of secrecy
through salt-crusted lips,
close my eyes
& dream
among the waves.

Written for Karin Gustafson’s wonderful Prompt about “bodies of water” for dVerse’s Poetics. Grab your poem and join us at the bar!

Ocean’s Touch

… and then
you see it.

the magic
of golden waters
pouring liquid warmth,
to fill
depleted corners;
vessels, running low.

ocean’s basso profundo;
tides’ epic tale ~
roughly smooth;
lifts sorrow’s frown
to bask
in the grace
of the setting sun.


Mallorca, Spain (November 2012)


Ocean’s Legacy

the goddess, she saw him drown
out in the water facedown
on her brow immortal frown
her heart in her chest shifted
she touched his form and lifted
made him one of the gifted
first breath in his lungs, so pure
he thanked her for gentle cure
her kind, divine eyes azure

…over at dVerse Susan Judd has us experimenting with an ancient form of Celtic Poetry, the Englyn. This is my attempt, a combination of three Englynion milwr… I’m in a tale-telling mood.
Come and join us at the bar!