Jiminy Cricket

and there you are, churning the soft earth
where we buried you
with all the dignity
we could muster

Jiminy Cricket wore your shoes for a while,
but your footsteps were too hard to follow —
so he missed a step &
got back on track,
for better or worse

I am sorry you are still lost —
but there is nothing left to say
when all the answers
are ash & bone
& broken, too.

Ocean’s Touch

… and then
you see it.

the magic
of golden waters
pouring liquid warmth,
to fill
depleted corners;
vessels, running low.

ocean’s basso profundo;
tides’ epic tale ~
roughly smooth;
lifts sorrow’s frown
to bask
in the grace
of the setting sun.


Mallorca, Spain (November 2012)


Fragments of Peace

a piece of peace
in my garden,

a piece of peace
under my skin.

a piece of peace
in every weapon,

a piece of peace
in every sin.

it’s up to us to find the fragments,
it’s up to us to give peace wings,
it’s up to us to make it better…
not drown the mind in hateful things.
… inspired by David Chamberlain Jr.’s great poem ‘Mending‘.

To Make Peace

anger left,
too sudden for a parting gift.
his scent will not
not anymore.

gratitude will stay;
the hot-blooded companion
made the sting of wounds
less painful.

i owe you…
i owe you…
my sanity.

i will never forget
how your power
fueled my will
to survive.

now, i may float
and enjoy the peace
of shallower, safer waters.

because of you, my companion…
of you.