(Aquatic) Street Art

this face,
to the pavement
in white and green and blue
with every drop
of li(quid)berty

parched perfection
transformed to
rivulets of imperfection,
chasing rivers
to the long abandoned sea

and laughter
leaves my lips in waves
to crash upon
your distant shore…
in white
and green
and blue.

A Rainy Day At Work

on the day where there is no sky but rain
i become
an island in the sun.

drenched faces,
part rain,
part sweat…
but mostly tears
greet me around every corner.

i want to open my umbrella ~
but that would be impolite.
so i listen to humans’ heavy rains…
and smile, secretly

i love the rain…
just not
and on
every. single. face.

good luck
trying to drown the island.

photo credits: daytobeyou.com