eBooks’ Character Flaws

papery wonder;
that little pop
when i
stretch the binding
for the first time ~
and i smell them…
letters… ink ~
the doorway
lies straight ahead.
one last look
at the artistic teaser…
and i dive
dive deep;
let imagination
entice me.

my friends,
your virtual cousins
will never inherit
your charms.

I love books. For the one my extremely kind mailman delivered to me today, I have waited for more than a year… and now I am sitting here, building my anticipation, just looking at it. Sweet agony.
This is the beauty I am looking at: Jim Butcher’s ” Cold Days”
… if you don’t know the Series and love to read, boy, you’re in for a treat. They are absolutely marvelous. Who knows, maybe one of you will get hooked as well.
Now… off to enjoy the moment I’ve waited for… for so long.

photo credits: google image search

A Glimpse into ‘A Wonderful Life’

I am truly grateful for the many beautiful minds out there.

Today, I am thinking of one person in particular.
It is morning and I am still on vacation. I have a steaming cup of coffee sitting next to me, accompanied by a lit candle to chase away the morning gloom (the day doesn’t seem to want to wake up neither).

Whenever I have a bit of time on my hands, I read through the wonderful blogs I follow – and today, Desertrose7 moved me to tears.
Her writing is so funny, so honest, so straight forward, so touching… I am truly happy I found her. (Thanks, Adam… your fault! ;))
Get yourself a cup of coffee or tea, lean back and read her post “A Wonderful Life” – I am sure you will treasure her words as much as I do.

Needless to say that she made it to my Brilliant Blogs section.
What a Gem.
Thank you for your wonderful words, Desertrose!