Bilbo once
tape-measured my sanity
but never mentioned that I
was a few inches short

I wish I had known
for I would never have walked into Mordor
without my
own personal Sam

& at the end of the day
it is not The One Ring
that rules us all –
but love, in all its facets.


wrap tattered heart in stoic plastic,
smooth the barren earth which you call home
what once you deemed enthusiastic
now grieves beneath your hollow, shattered dome.

so shall the rains unleash your sorrow
wash burden far beyond your lover’s touch
place careful steps, seek fabled tomorrow
for in the end, the hurt won’t hurt so much.

(Yep, I cheated with the meter. Ha.)


turn your back, playfully
and fumble
for your identity
in a lipstick-laden purse,
smiling butterflies upon
the ones who never care (to dare).

when Goldilocks hits the pavement
she will take the fall
in bright red stilettos,
fishnet stockings
and well-worn dignity.

would you dare
to care?

Phantom Nights

hold your breath ~
let phantoms fly from your disgusted soul
to tear jagged-stemmed blossoms
from ever-b(e)aring flesh.

hold your breath ~
and rage along the edge of sanity
’till nights dips into morning
and sandpaper screams subside
on tattered tongue.

breathe the sunrise.

Tarzan & Jane

you are Tarzan ~
by those same vines
that once used to let you soar
and i
am no longer Jane,
but Cheeta, unmistakably.

i used to be Jane once ~
i think i remember…….
when our hearts sang a different song
in unison.

Ghost Town

will i find you
there ~
where sparrows swallow
milky, filtered twilight;
where curtains sway
in lonely brother’s mournful breath?

will i find you
kneeling ~
chipped nails scratching
dignity’s former grave
into dust-covered floor boards
yet again?

& we wander
between coffee cups and autumn homes
to whatever end.


fragile is my name
when i am stranded in your hands ~
formerly bold, i crumble
and leave
delicate calligraphy
for you to paint across your heart
in pulsing letters.

In Your Presence


i did not know
my heart bruised like a peach
until you pressed your thumb
its juicy center

these threatening tears
are none of mine;
your murky essence
squeezed from my insides,
from my lacrimal duct

and i wipe you
from my eye,
for your presence is
noxious distraction.

Written for VisDare27:Bruised – 150 words or less. Thank you for the inspiration, Angela… another beautiful picture. Grab a pen and join the fun!
photo credits:

Lunchtime (Gollum vs. Sting)

played tag
(yes, we like to play!)
in fields of gold

& i lost my mind
(up up up the stairs…)
to you

had my heart for lunch
(is it juicy? is it scrumptious?)
with a pinch of lemon;
licked the plate clean &
left me to do the dishes

so i wallowed
in soap water tears
(not fair! not fair!)
for a while

come dusk,
you can tell the sun
in (t)his jealous sky
(leave now… and never come BACK!)
to kiss my ass.

… a somewhat strange creation – Sting(no, not the sword – the other Sting)’s tune (that I couldn’t shake today) meets my favorite Lord of the Rings character for lunch. Written for Karin Gustafson’s prompt about twins/opposites/divided selves over at dVerse.
Grab your poem and join the fun!


on the break of day,
i find
our ties severed
with stainless steel scissors.
i dismiss
your promise,
that left a stain
on this hardwood heart,
and unravel
our quilted years;
to be stored
in bottomless boxes.