Stripped Bare

sometimes i lose myself in the gap
between zombie flicks and heroic deeds;
there is a love story, wrapped in plastic,
that reveals my squishy core
and points your way

when pompous days retreat,
I seek refuge, devoid its colors
& smile in grey, not
taking sides
for a change

in this moment,
when your gaze holds mine,
I shed my heavy armor
and, for just a second,

Fred Rutherford over at dVerse invites us to write a poem on the topic of becoming ‘unplugged’ for Poetics today. Grab a pen and join the fun!


stripped bare
under neon lights;
cower in the shade
of oblivion.
pupils dilate,
people deflate –
and it all
comes down to
or lack thereof.

Catch a Break

tip your hat and leave
the everlasting night
for the sun
is just around the corner,
ready for you to peek
and admire.

a day goes by
where the jugglers in the streets,
intoxicated by cellphone bliss,
run through the lanes of nature’s womb
without ever looking up.

the sun in its glory
does her best to warm and guide;
those few
who sit on the pavement,
sip their coffee and observe
are the ones called true.

you can see it ~
look closely
and you may find
the hidden door
to the land of Narnia…
where the lion speaks
and strength resides.

look at the sun,
at the faces beneath ~
and reveal
your courage
to open doors,
to make lions talk.

bathe in day’s colorful patterns,
mind’s scissors
cut puppet strings –
to take your first steps
on wobbly legs.

inspired by dVerse‘s OpenLinkNight
photo credits: