Lessons Of The Fall


there was still life
in the veins of the leaf
after it had fallen;
it quivered when it touched the ground,
impatient to be swept away
for yet another mile

now it lies still at my feet —
still and forgotten.

photo credits: wallpaperflare.com


Iced Earth


there is a part of me,
hanging from a longing cedar bough ~
trapped in layered stillness
& waiting for (the) spring

when all i want to do
is ebb and flow.

photo credits: antacticimages.com

Seasons’ Song

shall we not flourish in the springtime rains?
where liquid crystal moistens earthen tongue,
and green conceals the last of winter’s stains.

will we go far from where our bodies sprung?
past rolling hills beneath a blazing sun,
to vales of summer; youthful songs unsung.

when autumn reigns, will we then come undone?
give up our leaves to mighty gusts of wind,
and slow this walk, that’s only just begun.

have we surrendered; have our roots been skinned?
the joy of life, mere echo in our veins,
and winter’s breath leaves hollowed mind chagrined.

shall we be bound by bitter winter’s chains?
shall we not flourish in the springtime rains?


Tony Maude over at dVerse Poets Pub invites us to to try the Terza Rima at “Form For All” today. This is my contribution – a Terza Rima Sonnet. Come on over, fiddle with the form and join us at the bar!

photo credits: josephinewall.co.uk

To Take Flight

winter came.
too soon;
the bird sang ~
and stood,
on the dying lake.

after a lifetime
of guidelines,
it still
hadn’t learned
to follow the rules.

it showed the snow
its cold shoulder,
shook off the stupor;
cast the wind
an icy stare
and took off
to warm its wings


photo credits: flickr.com

(Grandmother) Sun’s Departure

sun’s edge carefully dulled
as if it had lost its twang;
and though she refuses politely,
she gets tangled, caught
in autumn’s dark gray cotton candy,
shooting strings of wetness
upon trees and heads alike.

we all can only hope
that these rich drops
are our dear old friend’s parting tears
as she packs her bags for the season –
and not
incontinence issues.

… a somewhat quirky poem written for dVerse’s Open Link Night – let’s go grab a drink at the bar!

photo credits: fineartamerica.com

Chasing Summer Away

and here they arrive
the winds and rains
chasing summer away

a brief one it was
but nevertheless
the sun showed, a few times a day

the air getting colder
the smell of the earth
announcing that autumn is near

get jackets and scarves
and stock up on tea,
my favorite time of the year

photo credits: favim.com

Dear Sun,

i know you’re probably in hiding for a reason, but i cannot resist the urge to ask where you went – since i haven’t seen your face in so long.
yes, pretty much everyone is expecting of you to make an appearance since it’s your season and all, and rising up to the expectations of others can be frustratingly hard sometimes.
me writing this probably won’t change a thing (me usually being more of a “rain person” and i’m sure you know it), but i at least have to try. so maybe if i ask nicely (pretty please) and also throw in a quivering lip, you’ll be convinced.

it’s your time to shine (boom tish)!

an admirer

The Passing of Ages

light on leaves
and the worm finds its place
underneath the bloody fountain.

damaged confessions
in the mists of dawn
escaping from bright red lips.

flowers wilt
and the next thing you know
there’ll be snowflakes to cover the mountain.

the veil is torn
and the memories escape
sailing, on faded ships.