(written by Vincenzo Francesco in response to the poem Escapade)

tried beyond strength
her pace now waning
gusts of wind
promising freedom

she averted the crowd
slipped out of time
into her timemachine
to recollect her thoughts

her small-town heart
torn in two
longing for what
seemed to elude her

the feigned kisses
the habitual lies
her eggshell existence
what did it all matter?

stung by the poison
of her own regrets
her own reproaches
her outright rebellion

thank you very much, Vincenzo… wonderful work!


the walk of shame
in morning coffee;
Sweet’n Low
without sustenance

she whispers,
“I will extend the trip –
just one more day.”
into her husband’s static ear.

as the phone line dies
in her trembling fingers
she wonders
about the sudden
in temperature.

…. based on the poem Escapade