blood-red skies shift, tremble
before vaporized eyes
and rasping, gravel voices

thunderstorm leaps
from ear to ear
strikes the heart, to skip a beat
(to the beat; the Beat…),
in the pit
to jump,

what a tale;
what a world
can be conquered
by the lifeblood
that is music.

Speechless… yet again.

I would love to take a moment and share with you…
the wonderful work of
Fredrik Kayser (it is overdue that he made it to my ‘Brilliant Blogs’ Section).

I am totally in love with his Picture Fairy Tale: 100 Words Chapters – by now, he’s managed to write twelve of them… and every single one left me with goosebumps. You can find Part One here… but I’m warning you, it’s addictive.

Such a brilliant mind… check out his wonderful work!
Thanks for sharing your amazing story, Fredrik!


I don’t like to reblog things other people wrote.
However, I will make (kind of) an exception today.

Someone created something beautiful.
Something very beautiful… and it would be a shame if I didn’t share this.

Adam S. wrote an enticing, powerful story… raw emotion, brilliantly written. Go and devour it… Part 1 to 4.
I did.

The Conductor of an Aggressive Symphony

I hope it will leave you as speechless and amazingly overwhelmed as it left me.
Enjoy… You’re in for a treat!
Such a beautiful, beautiful piece.

Accepting A(aww)wards (yes, i cheated!)

well, i put this off for a long while… and i think it’s finally time to do this. my conscience says so – i better listen.
i will not do the usual survey thing as expected (i know, i’m a cheater!)… i just want to thank the ones who nominated me.

first and foremost, i use this blog (and my other one) to sort through the sometimes organized, sometimes overwhelming chaos in my head. it is a great feeling to let go… and i love it when it’s not so crowded up there.
it is still a little hard to believe that you guys actually like what i have to say – you surprise me… and i am very thankful. (go ahead and picture my red ears! be sure they are glowing right now.)

keep your youth forever gave me this pretty one. thank you very much! check out her blog – a ton of beautiful poetry and prose can be found there.

the mysterious “☮♥☆” from sent me this one. thank you so much, i appreciate your kindness. a brilliant mind and great poet.

last but not least, i will cheat again and post this here while i’m at it.
for my second blog Life and other Tales (no grandma-blanket or rocking chair action will be found there – that’s a promise) Adam S. gave me this great award… i will not post the link to his blog here – he will be mentioned again further down. thanks, man!

i decided not to answer the bunch of questions and requests that come along with these awards (yep, lazy… that’s me) – i wrote this to show the people who were so thoughtful to think of me that i DO care.
i will, however, list the Top 3 of my favorite blogs… great writers, great stuff – i hope you will enjoy their writing as much as i do.

1. Right To Bitch by Adam S.
he slays me.
every. time.
if i could tie him down in his chair to write 24/7, i would! he’s got talent, wits, charm, humor and a sharp tongue… what more can you ask for?! i am addicted – and i admit it.
just a piece of advice: no beverages while you read what he has to say. you will be spraying your keyboard and screen.

2. David’s wonderful blog One Mere Mortal.
to describe his work in one word: brilliant.
his inspiring, thought-provoking poetry has left me speechless countless times. go check it out!

3. Bruce’s blog Brain Jar
… has me wanting more every day. such an amazing writer and poet – hats off to him! i am so happy i found his words… and i am sure, you will love them, too.

this is it for now… there are so many more wonderful and inspiring blogs out there deserving to be mentioned here, but you all know it… the agony of choice. had to pick. argh!

i hope you don’t mind that i cheated a little… i asked myself if i was allowed to and found ‘the lump’ attached to the end of my neck nodding. blame ‘the lump’ for this if you want… heh.

thanks to you all for taking the time to read what i have to say… you are awesome.


i guess this day could have been worse.
true, i wanted to clean a little more… what does it matter.
managed to finish my first two stories… the dust can wait.

i don’t know why exactly, but i felt the urge to do something new… something more… and i was sure it would not go along with this blog.
i was right. now that i see them finished on virtual paper, i know why. they look much nicer over there. it just… fits.

i am happy i found something completely different to work on… to think about – right now, where distractions are still so necessary.
most of all, i enjoyed writing my first two ‘babies’. i always wanted to be a storyteller… now, i am. sort of.


now it’s too dark to swing the mop. heh. such a shame…