Once, Always.

once, I did not drown ~
forced towards
stagnant water’s edge

washed you off my hands,
once, twice, thrice ~
yet, you never left.

water turned to sand ~
i found you,
once again, timeless

now, as storms pass, your
lips are mine ~
as you always were.

5-3-5 syllabic Kelly Lunes (the American Haiku)



Isn’t it marvelous, when a perfectly ordinary day turns out to be most surprising?

My friend Jenn and me decided to take a leap. We have been working together on several ‘poetry projects’ in the past and thought it would be a great time to take it one step further.
So, I humbly present our joint blog

Words…From Here To There.

Care to join us for the ride?


… the brilliance of my fellow bloggers Vincenzo Francesco and YourOtherMotherHere tempted me to try something new – and I am just too intrigued to let it slide.
I decided to create a new Category called ‘Storylines’. Based on the poem Escapade, I will let the original story unravel in different directions – it sounds like an interesting thing to do.
Maybe some of you will be as intrigued as I am to do this – I encourage you to join in the fun, take the original poem and let your mind wander. All of my follow-up poems to ‘Escapade’ will be found in the new category ‘Storylines’ – if you care to join me on this journey, feel free.

Thank you so much for the inspiration, guys! I am looking forward to discovering where this will lead…

Unexpected Symphony

daily grind’s friction
leaves my skin red and raw ~
gray people hurry;
one wrong step
“excuse me”
and the face, alight for
a fraction of a second,
turns gray once again.

safe haven.
the door locks…

as i wash my hands,
(soap, rinse, dry)
i wash
the day away ~
too much suffering
for the tired eye (soul)
to keep
within me.

running low, Low;
i stumble
into the arms
of a masterpiece.
with each line
devour the scene,
taste, hear, smell
the words,
the symphony;

(in) a (world of) (g)ray;
take hold,

i dwell,
disentangle myself in
the mind of another;
a beautiful gift,
selflessly given.
Over at dVerse, Karin Gustafson invites us to write about “Presents – Presence”. This wonderful prompt took me right back to one of my most favorite moments… I truly needed something beautiful that day – and it found me.
The story “The Conductor of an Aggressive Symphony” by Adam S. (which inspired this poem) is probably the best thing I have ever read – the raw emotion inspired me in so many ways and gave me much-needed energy. I treasure it… and always will.

You can find the whole story (Part 1-4) here:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
… give it a try, you will not regret it.

Tank Man|Courage

one heart
death and steel.

one heart
beating strongly,
beating with purpose.

i salute your courage,
brave heart…
may your deed
the numb,
the paralyzed.

Tank Man, or the Unknown Rebel, is the nickname of an anonymous man who stood in front of a column of Chinese Type 59 tanks the morning after the Chinese military forcibly removed protesters from in and around Beijing’s Tiananmen Square on June 5, 1989. The man achieved widespread international recognition due to the videotape and photographs taken of the incident.”
(Source: Wikipedia)

A Glimpse into ‘A Wonderful Life’

I am truly grateful for the many beautiful minds out there.

Today, I am thinking of one person in particular.
It is morning and I am still on vacation. I have a steaming cup of coffee sitting next to me, accompanied by a lit candle to chase away the morning gloom (the day doesn’t seem to want to wake up neither).

Whenever I have a bit of time on my hands, I read through the wonderful blogs I follow – and today, Desertrose7 moved me to tears.
Her writing is so funny, so honest, so straight forward, so touching… I am truly happy I found her. (Thanks, Adam… your fault! ;))
Get yourself a cup of coffee or tea, lean back and read her post “A Wonderful Life” – I am sure you will treasure her words as much as I do.

Needless to say that she made it to my Brilliant Blogs section.
What a Gem.
Thank you for your wonderful words, Desertrose!

Two Worlds

grains of sand
at the bottom of
my suitcase.
triggering a smile.

i waved at
the spanish sun
without shedding a tear;
heated skin
now buried
under a thick, warm coat.

touched down
through clouds and fog
to set feet
on misty familiarity.
gray on gray;
once again
home… sweet home.

two worlds ~
so different,
but both radiant
in their
separate beauty.

Call me lazy…

once again, two of you were so kind to honor me with Blog Awards… my Treasure Chest says thank you and so do i.

Luggage Lady sent me this wonderful award:

Sreejit Poole sent me this beautiful one:

this is really sweet… you guys rock! it is great to know you enjoy my ramblings! 😉

you all know me… i’m lazy and i don’t hide it.
instead of going through the motions of the whole award ceremonies, i once again decided to bend the rules.
complaints may be voiced – i will make sure to kindly smile and nod while pretending to listen.

some blogs i can’t get enough of that you should definitely check out are:

Right to Bitch (charming and witty, with more than a pinch of great humor)
Brain Jar (wonderful poetry, i am always amazed by the images he creates)
One Mere Mortal (poetry; short, precise and mind-blowing)
Symbols in my Head  (i can’t get enough of his words)
Festival King (beautiful, beautiful work)
The Noise of Silence (word artist)

… very, very talented writers.
(the awards are yours for the taking, guys, should you run across this post!)

i decided to share 7 random facts about myself though… just because it’s fun.

1. i own a batman costume.

2. i read ‘lord of the rings’ once a year (just to make sure i didn’t miss anything… and, well… because it’s awesome).

3. i love to sleep… though it seems i never do.

4. french fries with vinegar and mayo = heaven.

5. most ideas strike me either in the shower or on the toilet (probably shouldn’t have shared this one…).

6. i hate clothes shopping.

7. i love gravy. if i could bathe in it, i would.

… thanks for taking the time to read this – and once again, thanks for being so thoughtful as to honor me with these awards.
now, call me lazy…
if you wish. 😉


how do you say
Thank You ~
if someone saved
your mind…

though powerful tool,
lose their strength;
rendered speechless.
futile it seems;
the attempt
to translate
the artistic turmoil

such vividness;
such inspiration ~
art resurrected,
given brandnew voice

shattered to bits;
rusty patterns
spiritedness spreads ~
a knowing calm;

how do you say
Thank You ~
if someone saved
your mind…

and showed you
there still might be
a brighter tomorrow.

***** Happy Birthday, A. *****
photo credits: flickrhivemind.net