Between The Lines

sometimes I lose myself in
star-cross’d lovers & 1984,
Winterfell & Dolores,
Mount Doom & 42 —
and my mind gratefully trickles
into every nick and dent.


Once, Always.

once, I did not drown ~
forced towards
stagnant water’s edge

washed you off my hands,
once, twice, thrice ~
yet, you never left.

water turned to sand ~
i found you,
once again, timeless

now, as storms pass, your
lips are mine ~
as you always were.

5-3-5 syllabic Kelly Lunes (the American Haiku)


Isn’t it marvelous, when a perfectly ordinary day turns out to be most surprising?

My friend Jenn and me decided to take a leap. We have been working together on several ‘poetry projects’ in the past and thought it would be a great time to take it one step further.
So, I humbly present our joint blog

Words…From Here To There.

Care to join us for the ride?


… the brilliance of my fellow bloggers Vincenzo Francesco and YourOtherMotherHere tempted me to try something new – and I am just too intrigued to let it slide.
I decided to create a new Category called ‘Storylines’. Based on the poem Escapade, I will let the original story unravel in different directions – it sounds like an interesting thing to do.
Maybe some of you will be as intrigued as I am to do this – I encourage you to join in the fun, take the original poem and let your mind wander. All of my follow-up poems to ‘Escapade’ will be found in the new category ‘Storylines’ – if you care to join me on this journey, feel free.

Thank you so much for the inspiration, guys! I am looking forward to discovering where this will lead…