Dear Rumbling Stomach,

i have been trying to figure out why you always start talking loudly when i least expect it, and so far i have come to no conclusion whatsoever. starting to roar like a lion when i have company doesn’t only make you look bad, but me as well.

i know you are only doing your job, but – digestion aside – why don’t you take a break once in a while?

it’s totally okay to let your voice echo through the depth of my bowels right now (since i’m alone), but may i ask you to take a break once i have company? i would really appreciate it.
besides, everyone needs a break now and then (i don’t want you to end up with burnout syndrome and, as a result, maybe giving me an ulcer), so maybe you’ll consider it next time you start working frantically and i’m drawing unwanted looks.
just take it easy.

thanks in advance,
your container

Dear Gravy,

i am so happy we met… and utterly amazed by what you manage to do with my senses. every time.
whether you’re light or dark, i don’t care, i love you all the same. secretly, i have to admit, i lick you off my plate (when i’m alone of course), more often than not, savouring every last drop. i always restrain myself in public, because i don’t want to embarrass your makers, although it’s very hard sometimes.
you’re so very delicious.

i would be happy if we got many more years together… you always make my day when you give me the honor of touching my tongue.

i am totally in love with you.

your adorer

Blogging, My Free Bird

it’s been a couple of days now since i started this blog and (forgive me for the expression) i’m enjoying the hell out of it.
this switch got flipped in my head… and the words just come pouring out of me. game on.
i guess they’ve been imprisoned for way too long.

it is wonderful to have a place where you can just let go, shake off the rules and restrictions and enjoy your freedom (of speech).

i am truly thankful to have this opportunity.
so awesome.