Universe in a Nutshell

if we could only
crack the shell
and were allowed to
at the
vastness beyond,
to broaden
our horizon
we would finally
that all the necessities,
the luxuries
we deem so important
are nothing but
in the wind
and would
the true meaning
of life.

photo credits: b3ta.com

Force of Nature

high above,
on the
of the world
she stood,
the strong wind
running its fingers
through her hair.
as she looked down,
she saw

the rolling forests
in their wildness,

the seas of grass
to touch the horizon,

the rivers

for the first time,
she looked,
truly saw…
and became one
with the universe.

Inner Focus

there is this moment
right before dawn
where everything
is covered
in a silence so deep,
that you can hear
your own heartbeat
if you listen closely.

it is but a moment
and then
the first bird
starts to sing
and you know
new beginnings
are ahead…
you are back
in the cycle
of life.

photo credits: farm3.staticflickr.com/251

Times of Relief

on shimmering wings
the girl took to flight,
uplifted by billowing breeze

feeling small all her life
she struck free of her bonds
no more, being told she’d displease

she lifted her chin
and she soared through the air,
set out to examine the world

and she saw distant shores,
lush, wide grasslands, so green
taking in all the sights as she whirled

after seeing it all,
after sating the need
it was time to go home one last time

all her life she had been
just a shadow, so faint,
just a shade of a joyless old mime

as she sat on her grave,
staring at sullen earth
looking down at the snow and the frost

a sweet sigh left her lips
and she smiled to herself
quite amazed, she was no longer lost

photo credits: freeimagesarchive.com


through the vastness of space
their voices echoed
for centuries,
past and present.

they never forgot
whether they were
men or women
old or young.

though forever apart,
they were never alone
as the connection of spirit
overcomes space and time.

and so they keep walking
the fragile bridges
through the mists of life
always looking
always longing
until they have proven themselves,
until they will finally be granted
some kind of peace.

Parallel Universe


daily grinding stones
myriads of duties
unwanted business
the time-lapse-world
nerve-wracking phone calls
waiting in line

… you could escape
in the blink of an eye
if you only knew
how to find
the hidden door.

photo credits: farm1.staticflickr.com/130

The Journey

found man
the ancient tomb
within his heart

milky white
shone temptation upon it

he lost his fingers
to the currents of the wild sea

as he tried to reach the understanding
the elixir
of life

Tales from the House of Dust

the dead keep walking
for those willing to see
and never ask.

countless generations
of unheard voices
in the ear of the unwanted.

the souls cry out
to those most shamed
for the rest of their lives.

but no one knows
that underneath
they are the true-born
shunned forever.

Society’s Humor (War)

another day
gone to ground
at the edge of existence

peculiar little liars
raising their glasses
to the slaughter
of the golden fields

familiar faces
to the eye of truth
stare at the stars
for eternity’s grace

the ones you saw
were nothing but fragments
of the great mosaic
rotating forever.

they never knew.