The Face of War

Opposing countrymen drawn to the field
each fighter clenching his gun
soldiers stand, silent and still
sweat beading from the midday sun

lust for battle, as demanded
screeching cold engulfs their hearts
icy stares; warped inner turmoil
and the sanity departs

Weapons raised against their brethren
Silence fills this place of war
Eyes fixed, downward the barrel
Death awaits, victory, and lore

to the call for death and glory
thunder bellows, born from steel
doom engraved in every bullet
forcing lives to bend and kneel

Powder and smoke fill the air
As the charging masses collide
Ground stained, the stench of iron
Fighting to turn the tide

determination; will takes over
bayonets drink up the Red
corpses mingle with the living
victory not far ahead

Flags wrap the fallen bodies
Deafened ears are absent to sound
Farmers that worked the nearby fields
Are gently placed in the ground

lives for justice, lives for freedom
a foundation built on deaths
those who fought will be remembered
those who paid with their last breaths.

a late night/early morning duet by Adam S. and myself. let’s see if you can find out who wrote which parts…


Nocturnal Triumph

night reveals
thoughts’ abominations –
those hidden and shunned
by sun’s mighty rule

mind’s surface
proves to be
slick and steely,
provides no foothold
for excruciating assassins,
longing to taunt and tear

it appears,
i tricked you,
shadows of the past…

tonight, i win.