On The Far Side Of Neverland

on his sandpaper skin
you could see the scars of
all those missed trips to Neverland —

all those moments when
he wanted to be Peter Pan
but could not bring himself to fly

& with his earthbound grip
he built his foundation, solidly
on the slopes of a childhood dream

while his twinkling eyes
still sought Peter Pan
in the ever-changing skies.



at twilight you find me, searching
for the rosy glow of a long forgotten star
that soothes the eye of the beholder
and leaves me with delightful costumes
to unfold.



dreams cling to neon signs
& drip
from the city’s countless eyes,

i blink ~
tape butterfly wings
to wishful words, while
tomorrow ends in yesterday
& night takes hold.


photo credits: google image search

Wish Upon A Star

there is laughter in the deep —
a skin-tight, voluptuous shooting star
from a bed of toxic waste

there is laughter in the deep —
an overripe serenade flutters,
from the pit of my stomach

there is laughter in the deep —
and pinpricked lips
kiss lilies
upon my cheek, forbidden.

Suds for my Thoughts

sometimes i wish
i could
put my thoughts
into the washer
add some detergent
and watch them swirl.

a tumble in the dryer
and then

out, into the wind
watch them struggle and waft
on the drying rack.

when they’re tired and dry,
take them
fold them
and put them back

neatly aligned,
and unstained.

photo credits: stacybephotography.tumblr.com