Dear Stranger,

i know which day it is.
of course i know.
i’ve had this queasy feeling in my stomach all week.
last year, i sent you a postcard from this spanish island – and i wrote it in tears.
this year, i won’t even do that.

i don’t know if you even deserve it if i say happy birthday – no, i won’t say it. you probably don’t.
i guess part of me wants everything to still be okay.
we were friends… after all.

ah, i think i’ll just wish you a *blank* *blank* (whatever that might be) and be done… i’m not really sure why i wrote this…
had to get it out of my head somehow, right?

have a nice life. ???!!!

someone you once knew


10 thoughts on “Dear Stranger,

  1. It would seem that something is awakened in you my friend.. Hold that close and don’t be sad for the past embrace what it gave you for the moment you can embrace it fully so it may come back to you! It does I have experienced it more than even I can say on here! Every person gives you something magical emits a vibrational touch inside you that can bring you closer to yourself and what is inside you! I believe in you my friend and that you will heal from this.. Embrace hope and embrace the acceptance that something even stronger is coming to you!


  2. Sometimes the biggest messes can lead to the biggest discovery we can make about ourselves and this place that we continue to experience… I wish you love and wish you luck my friend.. Keep writing it does release and sometimes when we go back and read we find a message hidden for us that we couldn’t understand when it first came to us!


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