Paper Skin

it is a fractured version of
fortitude that floats
to the surface;
neither bound nor held —
but ever straining
against the tides

my thoughts form pale flowers
born too soon —
not fated to survive
the cold Sun of March

one moment too long
is all it takes —
and then

you are gone.


(Twi)Light’s Tale

bathing in the ocean’s womb
I once saw the moon in tears,
and to mermaid’s silken song
darkened sea became her tomb.

no more stars winked in the night
while the ocean swallowed whole
echoes of abandoned dreams,
for the moon had lost her light.

down below she dwelled for years,
nursed her wounds with flowing sand,
’til, one day, the sun came forth,
dipped his rays into her fears.

and the darkness fled her veins
while he spread his warmth with care
one last sea salt tear she shed ~

to this day, their love remains.


in a matter of hours
words turned to crispy shades
and took
honesty to its knees.
it was then you felt your soles bounce off
the yet uneasy road,
leaving purpose behind.

The End Of Days

– Odin and Fenrir

wide lick the waves at seasons’ wailing end
worlds squirm & wither beneath a weakening moon
sulfurous teeth singe stars & feeble grass
the days grow dark, doomed; wolfish grins.

Fenrir feasts, a fiery dusk
he tears and tastes the tales of Gods;
a brother once bound, now bounds free
rivers roam, Ragnarök has come.

Tony Maude over at dVerse invites us to use Accentual Alliteration for today’s Form for All. This is my attempt or rather, draft – I have no idea if I did it right… so hard (even harder at 4am), but such fun! 😀 Of course I had to tackle Norse Mythology… may the Gods forgive my feeble attempt. 😉
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on the break of day,
i find
our ties severed
with stainless steel scissors.
i dismiss
your promise,
that left a stain
on this hardwood heart,
and unravel
our quilted years;
to be stored
in bottomless boxes.

Seasons’ Song

shall we not flourish in the springtime rains?
where liquid crystal moistens earthen tongue,
and green conceals the last of winter’s stains.

will we go far from where our bodies sprung?
past rolling hills beneath a blazing sun,
to vales of summer; youthful songs unsung.

when autumn reigns, will we then come undone?
give up our leaves to mighty gusts of wind,
and slow this walk, that’s only just begun.

have we surrendered; have our roots been skinned?
the joy of life, mere echo in our veins,
and winter’s breath leaves hollowed mind chagrined.

shall we be bound by bitter winter’s chains?
shall we not flourish in the springtime rains?


Tony Maude over at dVerse Poets Pub invites us to to try the Terza Rima at “Form For All” today. This is my contribution – a Terza Rima Sonnet. Come on over, fiddle with the form and join us at the bar!

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is my skin.

this shell,
this itching, crawling
blistering, warping, stinging
beaten (fight or die)
shell –
this is my skin.

is my mind.

this shriveled raisin,
barely sustained
by self-pity and grief,
huddled, forgotten (fight or die)
in this bony prison cell,
soiling itself –
this is my mind.


Fight or Die



one last stand;
i Roar,
eyes open wide,
claw at the fabric
of my so-called home,
tear it to shreds,
my Self
out by the hair,
vomit numbness and lethargy
into the abyss


flee from oblivion
on hands and knees,
just a little further…

tired eyes
acknowledge the sky
for the first time;
in all its colors.

i am


Anna Montgomery over at dVerse Poets Pub invites us to write about flow and creative U-turns. Her wonderful Prompt triggered something in me. I do not know if my poem will “fit in” – it is about my U-Turn… after this, I started writing.
Thank you for taking me back, Anna.

Dead End

crude fingertips taunt
milky glass
rim’s angry squeals ring

vicious crescendo
lovers’ lane
broken; end credits

lies set the table
one last stare
no words left to give

… written for dVerse’s Poetry Prompt, 5-3-5 syllabic Kelly Lune (the American Haiku).
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trail’s end
the death of an era;
muddy, strain-stained boots
once again
on solid ground.
too long was the time of chagrin,
too long did we try to broaden
the horizon of the blind.

ways part ~
roads differ;
the night is long.
We, the Moving,
our eyes open wide;
we ride.

break free;
rusty chains on charred ground,
leave the spoils of the new world
piling high ~
we ride
with purpose
we ride
for a new dawn.

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Free Of Bonds

now feel the wild
run, dear child, run ~
you smiled for me.

go on, be free
think of me when
i see no more.

run to the shore
cool your sore legs;
your core alight.

flame burns so bright
silver-white You ~
no fright will harm.
Over at dVersePoets Raivenne has us experimenting with an Asian form of Poetry – the Than Bauk. This is my attempt. Come join us at the bar!

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It’s Time

work with me
on the surface of sound,
the brink of humanity’s rose war;
for centuries untouched subject
but unveiled in the presence
of dire need.

grab your spears
to pierce
traditions, dusty and brittle;
hidden in Snow White’s casket
to remind us
of history’s looming index finger –
ever accusing,
ever present.

isn’t it time
to leave time behind?

clockwork’s mantra.
unfold your sticky wings
and leave
the familiar, paralyzing cocoon.

isn’t it time
to leave time behind?!

… posted for dVerse’s Open Link Night… come join us at the Bar!