Lessons Of The Fall


there was still life
in the veins of the leaf
after it had fallen;
it quivered when it touched the ground,
impatient to be swept away
for yet another mile

now it lies still at my feet —
still and forgotten.

photo credits: wallpaperflare.com



I saw your words’ first dawn
on a crisp day of pending woes
& in your eyes, reflected,
the sky’s limit ~
piercing blue.

in these overbearing times
my gaze stays fixed on the horizon
and I gush forth ~
to whatever end.

Free(d) Spirit

upon the winds, a fatal blow
sends maybe to another place,
and stirs the beat of cold, blue hearts
to meet the serpent, face to face.

upon the winds, a battle fought
with teeth and nails for dearest life,
and purest words evolve from ash
to cloak in light this endless strife.

upon the winds, a second breath
springs from the seed of newfound pride,
that overcame this horrid beast
now fuels purpose, strength and stride.

and on this morn, a soul reborn
perceives the world in more than grey,
lets color flood the dankest dark
upon the winds, she greets the day.

It’s Not Time Yet

there’s magic
in the early bird’s song;
vibrant fragrance hidden
in the twilight of dawn ~

a peaceful sigh
lies north of my heart,
and i wrap myself
in your sleeping beauty.

Seasons’ Song

shall we not flourish in the springtime rains?
where liquid crystal moistens earthen tongue,
and green conceals the last of winter’s stains.

will we go far from where our bodies sprung?
past rolling hills beneath a blazing sun,
to vales of summer; youthful songs unsung.

when autumn reigns, will we then come undone?
give up our leaves to mighty gusts of wind,
and slow this walk, that’s only just begun.

have we surrendered; have our roots been skinned?
the joy of life, mere echo in our veins,
and winter’s breath leaves hollowed mind chagrined.

shall we be bound by bitter winter’s chains?
shall we not flourish in the springtime rains?


Tony Maude over at dVerse Poets Pub invites us to to try the Terza Rima at “Form For All” today. This is my contribution – a Terza Rima Sonnet. Come on over, fiddle with the form and join us at the bar!

photo credits: josephinewall.co.uk



once again i howl,
sleepless ~
fling my chaos
at your silvery face

i wonder
if you have
a voice of your own ~
this Hollowed One
seems deaf
to your frequency.
photo credits: guernseyhhharriettes.org.uk

(Aquatic) Street Art

this face,
to the pavement
in white and green and blue
with every drop
of li(quid)berty

parched perfection
transformed to
rivulets of imperfection,
chasing rivers
to the long abandoned sea

and laughter
leaves my lips in waves
to crash upon
your distant shore…
in white
and green
and blue.

Wild Horses

black-and-wqwhite-cool3do you hear
the call of the wild?

thundering hooves,
manes, airy white;
against the tides

do you hear
the call of the wild?

vigorous waves
driven forth;
forth to join the wild hunt

do you hear
the call of the wild?

will you run with them?

photo credits: designsdelight.com

two minds, one picture… have a look at Rambly’s wonderful poem “Gather Strength“.



blades of grass
sway gently
in the playful winds
that chase
your smile
to fragile heavens

your eyes
the rolling hills
and windswept plains
and you
to feel
the touch of Gods.

photo credits: desktopextreme.com