Far Off Shore

I remember when
the first words out of my mouth
were not infested by
meandering termites &
my tongue still
felt alive

I remember when
fortune was not just
a four letter word —
but a one way ticket
to favored utopia

I remember when
there was still
laughter in the rain &
my hand did not stray from
touching yours.

– age –


6 thoughts on “Far Off Shore

  1. Wonderful poem. I tend to distrust memory. I think memory is a distortion of the past yet, culturally speaking, people hold memory in high esteem or maybe its the whirlpool I distrust where memory become entangled with nostalgia. So your poem, for me, tends to end with an unasked question – “So, what are you going to do about it?”

    Thanks for your thought provoking meditation.

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